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Ecosystem Partners

"If you want to go far, go together."

Bridge Accelerator Ecosystem

Partner Engagement Model

At Bridge Accelerator, we believe our ecosystem partners are the 'village' that helps the social enterprise become sustainable. We value our partners and ensure that the social entrepreneur and the partner are clear on the expectations of time commitment and the outcomes. 


Individuals or organizations who wish to help social enterprises can join us ecosystem partners.

They may share their  availability and time commitment, that can help the Bridge Accelerator ensure the right fit between the social enterprise needs and the Bridge Accelerator partner.


Through close interaction between the partner and the accelerator, the partner/ mentor's skill sets, technical capacity, knowledge and program synergies are evaluated and documented.  This enables the accelerator to curate and facilitate the most effective partner /mentor and social enterprise  engagement.


The partner/mentor engages with the social enterprise by responding to the specific needs of the enterprise as identified by the designated coach. 

This engagement could be continuous or sporadic and we encourage  partners/ mentors to work together as teams to help social enterprises.

We invite you to join us in helping to create a positive impact on society by supporting social enterprises in their journey towards significant scale and sustainability.


Anil Thakore

"Sharing acquired knowledge and experience with aspiring entrepreneur's has been a deeply enriching experience because of the learnings I have gained in to the mindsets of next generations vision and ambition."
Mentor, Industrial Food Processing
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